Kaiser-Battistone Adopts A Classroom At Fox Run Elementary School in Norwalk

The Adopt-A-Classroom Initiative invites the community into the classroom in support of teachers and their students. By adopting a classroom, donors form partnerships with specific classrooms providing financial and moral support. The result is a meaningful contribution to education in which donors experience the impact of their efforts and celebrate in a classroom's success.

"Thank you very adopting my program again this year. Your support makes it possible for me to implement several new initiatives to help my students improve their speech and language skills. With improved language skills these students will be more successful with their reading and other academic skills.

I appreciate your continued support of education and my program in particular. Thank you again on behalf of my students, their families, and myself."

Sincerely, Judy Sgaglione
Fox Run Elementary School

"Thank you so much for your donation! I recently purchased a super strength electric pencil sharpener (in 4th grade we go through MANY pencils), and plan to shortly purchase a set of paperback world atlases for my classroom. My students and I appreciate your support."

"Thank you and all at Kaiser-Battistone so much for adopting my classroom at Fox Run Elementary School in Norwalk, CT! I can't wait to begin shopping for my kindergarten students! It is so wonderful to have someone recognize the importance of providing teachers with monetary donations to further enhance their lessons. My students' educational experience in kindergarten will be better, thanks to you!"

Sincerely, Lisa Malizia
Fox Run Elementary School

Impact Report

Lisa Malizia, the teacher of your adopted classroom, has just purchased resources with the funds that you donated. Read below, and see what difference you have made!

Message from the teacher

"I just submitted my order through Adopt-A-Classroom. I am so excited! I was able to purchase Big Books, labels, ink cartridges, stickers, motivational chartlets, borders, and more for my students. This will enhance my students' kindergarten experience by providing them with materials that will motivate them to learn. My school launched Reader's Workshop this year, and these items will give me creative ways to keep my students learning! Thank you so much for your generous donation!"


Helping Communities Help Schools
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